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Therapy for Adults

Therapy is offered for people to deal with life’s challenges and enhance well-being. Sessions provide a supportive non-judgemental space and allow one to unravel old patterns of feeling, thinking and behaving and explore new paths for growth and development.


Therapy can help adults of all ages deal with:



Because I know we are all different I try to offer a wide range of approaches to fit the needs of my clients. These include Psychodynamic and Cognitive-behaviour therapy and Focused psychological strategies (such as Interpersonal therapy, Psycho-education, Problem solving skills in anxiety and anger). I also incorporate mindfulness and simple yoga exercises in my sessions where appropriate.


Additionally I offer art therapy, sand tray therapy and journalling. Many people find that creative and expressive therapies help them communicate their difficulties to themselves and others and provide a way to work through issues.


Overall I hope to offer compassionate, theoretically informed, evidence based and creative ways to people tell their story, overcome their difficulties and enhance their well-being.

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