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Psychology Workshops,
Consultation & Supervision

Workshops, consultation and supervision are available to support professionals and parents in their work with children and families.


Workshops focus on topics such as:

  • Understanding and Healing Childhood Trauma

  • Therapeutic work with Children

  • Understanding children’s emotional, social and cognitive development

  • Anxiety in children - therapeutic approaches to help children manage and overcome anxiety

  • Anger in children – therapeutic approaches to help children manage anger

  • Psychological Issues in Childhood Incontinence-encopresis and enuresis

  • Parenting – Managing Children’s Behaviour

  • Grief and loss in children

  • The power of temperament – using our understanding of temperament therapeutically with parents and children

  • Teaching children and adults to control intrusive images, voices and thoughts

  • Reducing trauma and increasing healing for hospitalized children

  • Using books and therapeutic stories in work with children


In my role as a Consultant with the Lighthouse Institute I also present workshops on:

  • Understanding psychosocial development

  • Understanding and working with trauma based behaviour

  • Understanding complex trauma and trauma informed practice

  • A trauma informed approach to understanding grief and loss

  • Preventing vicarious trauma

  • Therapeutic group processes

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